UFO HIGH BAY LIGHT is a device which are consist of die-cast aluminum alloy heat-sink, PC optical lens, LED light source model and diver. It can be a replacement of HID and other traditional light fixture, provided with higher efficacy, a longer lifetime 50,000H at least or even more up to 100,000H but very lower breakdown opportunity, higher reliability and better cost than before, lower output voltage 60Vdc means safety for use.
Product Details
  • 产品介绍:
  • 系列型号:M113AQ
  • 产品描述:5*5贴片3粒 78*18mm七彩群控防水12V模组
  • 适用场合:标识照明、景观亮化工程;
  • 适用范围:适应于10~18cm厚度标识和景观亮化工程;
  • 产品特点:1、采用RGB5050贴片LED;
  • 2、产品最大级联数量达20pcs;
  • 3、采用灌胶工艺,防尘防水效果好;
  • 4、本产品通过CE、RoHS 认证;
  • 安装方式:3M 双面胶固定;
  • 产品质保:质保3 年或13000 小时,先到为准。

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