Warranty .


We follow strict development guidelines and quality standards. Each our grow light must pass strictly tests before shipping out. We fully stand behind our products and stand by you. If you ever do have any issue with your led grow light we will resolve it quickly with our unbeatable customer service. We offer a 3 year warranty on every grow light we sell. Free warranty for grow lights within the first year, replacing parts of grow light board and power supply. At the second and third years, we cover the first years service except shipping cost. Buy with confidence.


1. If the led grow light has been tampered with or it is found that damage is caused by customer, there will be a repair fee that customers need to pay. Warranty coverage is ultimately left to the discretion of EVERLAST. We reserve rights to refuse warranty repair or replacement service to anyone.

2. We only provide warranty to customer who bought from authorized store, retailer, distributor and agent.

The Warranty does not apply to damages resulting from (but not limited to)

- Improper operation & maintenance

- Use in an abnormal manner with housing opened and exposure to corrosive chemicals (including but not limited to smoke or wear caused by burning sulfur), wrong input voltage, etc.

- Improper installation


1. Send email to Stating the issue you met, and provide purchase detail (order number /PI, model, picture of light on & off, full address, etc.)


After your warranty has expired, you`re welcome to send your light for repairs or purchase parts from us directly. You will be responsible for the shipping and parts costs for the repair or service.




According to the feedback from our distinguished customers, some lights can not be sent to the service center for warranty repairing when in significant growing stage. We would like to offer you replacement light in order to proceed repairing temporarily. It will be dealt with of this condition as below: A: We will collect deposit before sending replacement light out to you.

B: You will cover shipping fee of replacement light to & from the service center.

C: You must send back the replacement light in one week after received the fixed light.

D: We will full refund the deposit if the replacement light is in good condition.